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About VoCamp


Upcoming VoCamps

2. VirtualVoCamp2018 We have organized and held a virtual, hackathon VoCamp in February of 2018. One motivation for this is that not everyone can travel to the VoCamps but want to participate in one. This one was an experiment to see how well we can do on a topic of interest to some of the organizers - Glaciers. Results of this meeting were captured on a GitHub We are planning follow up sessions.

Upcoming Affiliated Events

Possible VoCamps

Previous VoCamps

  1. VoCampOxford2008
  2. VoCampGalway2008
  3. VoCampAustin2009
  4. VoCampIbiza2009
  5. VoCampDCMay2009
  6. VoCampSeoul2009
  7. VoCampSunnyvale2009
  8. VoCampNYCJuly2009
  9. VoCampGlasgow2009
  10. VoCampNiceSeptember2009
  11. VoCampBristol2009
  12. VoCampDCOctober2009
  13. NeoGeoVoCampOctober2009
  14. HypiosVoCampParisMay2010
  15. GeoVoCampSouthampton2011
  16. GeoVoCampDC2011
  17. GeoVoCamp Santa Barbara 2012
  18. GeoVoCamp Madrid 2012
  19. GeoVoCamp Dayton 2012
  20. GeoVoCamp SOCoP DC 2012
  21. 1st Vocamp - Energy Efficiency in Buildings.
  22. Descartes-Core GeoVoCamp Santa Barbara 2013
  23. 3rd VoCamp - Energy using and producing Products Management (EupP).
  24. SOCoP's GeoVoCampDC2013 held at NSF Nov. 18-19, 2013
  25. Descartes-Core GeoVoCamp Santa Barbara 2014
  26. GeoVoCamp at USGS in DC - GeoVoCampSOCoP2014
  27. GeoVoCamp Santa Barbara 2015 (March 23-25, 2015)
  28. VoCamp Notre Dame 2015 (May 18-19, 2015)
  29. GeoVoCampDC2015 Nov.30-Dec. 2 held at USGS Facility in Reston VA
  30. GeoVoCampDC2016 ]Nov.29-Dec. 1 at the University of Maryland's Center for Geospatial Information Science
  31. DCVoCamp2017 Nov. 28 - 30. 2017 at the U.S. Department of the Interior building, 1849 C Street, NW, Washington, D.C.

Previous Affiliated events

  1. LinkedDataCampVienna2009
  2. DesignPatternCampParis2011
  3. VocabularySpecialSessionDC2011

VoCamp Mailing List and IRC Channel

Resources for Vocabulary Maintainers

These are just stubs at the moment.


Please famliarize yourself with some/all of the marc manoff following: (add relevant links here)

[Primer by Harry Halpin www 2007]

[GRDDL Primer in narrative]

[TBL tutorial ]

Resources to Support WOD Users

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