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A Vocabulary Browser to Support WOD Users[edit]

  • vocab/schema browser targeted to WOD users (and also software clients, LOD browsers, etc.), not publishers
  • mainly targeted to SPARQL authoring, because here it is required to have some glue about the vocabs used and the interlinkage
  • also useful to get a picture about the shape of some LOD dataset
  • two scales:
    • web-scale (to bootstrap the query process, what am I looking for, how does the WOD look like?) => only possibly to do with Sindice, etc.
    • for single datasets served by a single domain or SPARQL endpoint
  • maybe some hyperbolic tree-based overview:

Overview mode[edit]

  • should visualize the interlinkage between vocabs as a whole
  • expressed by different thickness of lines in-between
  • two view-modes for linkage viz:
    • based on popularity (implicit interlinkage based on actual data; in the Web-scale only feasible if we crawl like Sindice et al)
    • based on explicit linkage of the concepts (T-Box only), i.e. rdfs:domain/range for vocab A to B, rdfs:subClassOf, owl:equivalentProperty, owl:equivalentClass, and other explicit interlinks
    • maybe some hybrid-mode, many weighting possibilities here

Detailed mode[edit]

  • zoom-into detailed relations between two vocabs
  • shows concepts and relations => especially this would be useful for SPARQL authoring

Integrated SPARQL Query Builder[edit]

  • possibly integrate a SPARQL query builder with switchable Syntax/GUI view