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This page lists resources for finding vocabularies. Note that there is no central repository of vocabularies on the semantic web.

You can also get good and up-to-date advice by asking what people are using on the mailing lists such as the Semantic Web mailing list, the RDFa list or the Linked Data mailing list.

NOTE: the list below is not ordered by any measure of importance. In fact, it is ordered alphabetically.

American Society for Indexers[edit]

List of Online Thesauri and Authority Files


Cognition.com is a definition level organization of terms.

Common Tag[edit]

Common Tag is an open tagging format developed to make content more connected, discoverable and engaging. Click here [1] for companies involved in the development of Common Tag.

eXtended WordNet[edit]

eXtended WordNet uses WordNet as a basis, and adds some key enhancements. "In the eXtended WordNet the WordNet glosses are syntactically parsed, transformed into logic forms and content words are semantically disambiguated." (description from the site)

Falcons Concept Search[edit]

Actively maintained Semantic Web search engine for finding ontologies.


The Getty[edit]

The Getty vocabularies are vocabulary databases produced and maintained by the Getty Vocabulary Program

Library of Congress Authorities and Vocabularies[edit]

Here is the download page for 342,684 subject authority records in compressed files for both RDF/XML and N-Triples serializations maintained by LC Authorities and Vocabularies Service

Open Ontology Repository (BioPortal)[edit]

Open Ontology Repository is the design document behind the OOR system, which is currently used at BioPortal. The same technology could be used to set up other ontology repositories in different domains.


Currently hosts SIOC, RDF-Resume and others vocabularies.

http://rdfs.org http://rdfs.org/ns


Talis's cache with search of vocabularies.



Seems more or less actively unmaintained since 2005, but vocabularies still added in 2007.



Semantic search engine with an actively maintained large index of ontologies and individuals. The interface itself doesn't allow to query for an ontology with a particular name for a class, but it's possible with the API..



More or less seems not updated, by still useful sometimes for finding ontologies.


Taxonomy Warehouse[edit]


Free and fee-based vocabularies licensed from a variety of providers.


Hosts a large amount of vocabularies, actively maintained.



WordNet is a large lexical database of English. The WNWS WordNet Web Service produces XML output to word queries of the WordNet database.

See also, eXtended WordNet, which uses WordNet as a basis, and adds some key enhancements.


Hosts FOAF and WOT vocabularies.