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[edit] Run your own VoCamp!

The following list is in a vague sequence according to likely time of event (soonest first).

[edit] 2013

[edit] GeoVoCampDC2013

Planned for the Monday-Tuesday of Nov 18-19th, following the weekend AAAI Symposium session.

We expect that this Vocamp workshop would be a relatively small event of 20-30 but NSF will provide rooms and a WebEx for the general sessions.

[edit] 2009

[edit] Vienna, Austria

in conjunction with ESTC

[edit] Edinburgh, Scotland

Harry Halpin and Keith Alexander have discussed the possibility of organising a VoCamp in Edinburgh. At this point, July might be the best month. Also, there is a huge festival in Edinburgh all of August. We could do VoCamp at the Informatics Forum at the University of Edinburgh.

[edit] Barcelona, Spain

There is a possibility of a VoCamp in Barcelona or Madrid in Spring 2009, close (in time) to WWW2009. If you're interested in taking part make your enthusiasm known to Peter Mika ;) (see VoCampIbiza2009!)

[edit] London, England

tommorris: if you have space in London and would be willing to let me run such an event in London, ping me an e-mail - tom@tommorris.org (via #swig)

[edit] Austin, TX, USA

Juan Sequeda has expressed an interest in running a VoCamp in Austin, TX. This is going to take place on the weekend of March 28-29. VoCampAustin2009

[edit] Washington DC, USA

Ed Summers is interested in trying to help make a VoCamp happen in DC: possibly at the Library of Congress, or elsewhere in the area. There are lots of people doing stuff with OWL, RDFS, RDF, etc in the area... so getting people together around vocabulary development seems like a generally useful thing to try to do. Immediately before or after ISWC2009 (October 2009) has been floated as a potential window for this event.

We are organizing the WOP workshop at ISWC 2009. It is strongly related to Vocamp activities and we are thinking at organizing a Vocamp there supported by the workshop. I'll let you know more precise info soon. (Valentina)

See VoCampDCOctober2009!

[edit] Baltimore, MD, USA

Mike Lang (mikelangjr@revelytix.com) of Revelytix is also planning a VoCamp for Baltimore. Planning is in the early stages. Most likely will take place about 2 weeks after the Washington VoCamp and take place at UMBC.

[edit] Bristol, England

Rumour has it that a VoCamp may be on the cards for Bristol. Watch this space. See VoCampBristol2009!

[edit] Glasgow, Scotland

Vocamp Glasgow planned for the Summer 2009 (time/place to be agreed with people interested to participate). Scope is to discuss and provide answers and resources for the following

[edit] 2010

mUoir6 Best Wishes!,

[edit] Paris, France

The 2nd VoCamp (WhatIsVoCamp) in France, will take place in Hypios Headquarters in Paris the 13th and 14th May 2010. See HypiosVoCampParisMay2010.

[edit] San Francisco, CA, USA

Rich Morin (rdm@cfcl.com) has expressed an interest in helping to put on a VoCamp in Spring 2010.

[edit] Galway, Ireland

RichardCyganiak wants to organise a follow-up to VoCampGalway2008 in Spring 2010.

[edit] Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

McCreary wants to organize a vocamp in Minneapolis Minnesota. He would like to gather experts in state and federal data standards with a focus on historical documents such as bills and statutes. Dan has worked with the the US Library of Congress NDIIPP project and is interested in integrating NIEM and RDF best practices with the creation of XRX metadata registries.

[edit] 2012

[edit] Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Potential GeoVoCamp in Santa Barbara, CA

[edit] Unknown

[edit] Boston, MA, USA

EricP has expressed a willingness to organise a VoCamp at MIT.

[edit] New York, NY, USA

Christine Connors from Dow Jones has expressed an interest (tweet) in running a VoCamp in New York City.

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