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The second ever VoCamp. WhatIsVoCamp...?


Tue 25th - Wed 26th, November 2008,


The following are outline timings for the event which are unlikely to change. Apart from these loan modification timings, exactly how we spend the time will largely be determined during link building the event.Essay Help Dissertation Proposal

Tuesday 25th November 2008[edit]

  • 9:00 Arrivals and Coffee
  • 9:30 Start and Introductions
    • Short overview
    • Introduction of participants
    • Dinner planning
    • Time for short presentations (if desired)
  • 11:00 Coffee Break
  • 12:30 Lunch in the Westwood Bar (~1h)
  • 15:30 Coffee Break
  • 17:00 Wrap up
  • 17:30 Close
  • 19:00 Dinner and drinks in town at McSwiggans (3 Eyre Street, Wood Quay, Galway) – Taxi: +353-91-585858 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +353-91-585858      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +353-91-585858      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +353-91-585858      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Wednesday 26th November 2008[edit]

  • 9:00 Coffee and Getting Started
  • 11:00 Coffee Break
  • 12:30 Lunch in the Westwood Bar (~1h)
  • 13:30 - 14:30 Time for Extended Lightning Talks
  • 15:30 Coffee Break
  • 17:00 Wrap up
  • 17:30 Close




IDA Business Park
Lower Dangan



How to reach DERI:

  • About 40 minutes walk from the city center, a bit less if you go through the University
  • 5 minutes with bus #4 from Eyre Square, ticket is 1.45E - Timetables here
  • A taxi from the city center is around €8. Big-O-Taxi is one of the largest taxi operators: +353 91 585858 and .
  • When you get into the business park, DERI is the first building on the left. VoCamp will take place on the first floor (just follow the signs).Essay Writing

University Essays


Some possible accommodation options in Galway are:

  • Westwood House Hotel (Top End): Just across the road from DERI Galway, on the outskirts of town. Quite upmarket. I haven't stayed here, but the restaurant is decent.Logo Design Contest Possibly a good option if you just want to visit the DERI building, but maybe a bit inconvenient if you want to get to and from town frequently?
  • Corrib haven : 5 minutes walk from DERI, a nice BnB. Bacon / Eggs / Sausages for breakfast. Not sure if they have single rooms, the price for a double one is usually 35pps. They have a wifi access, but not working very well. There's another BnB in front of that one, almost the same prices. Yet, as for Westwood, it's a bit far from the city center.
  • The Abbey House BnB - Just down the road from DERI, about 3 mins walking. Right next to the Corrib Haven (see above). The website looks a bit outdated, but the BnB is nice (I stayed there myself once).
  • Snoozle's (Budget): Another backpaper hotel in the city center (2 minutes from the new coach station). Not sure they have wifi, but it's brand new and really clean, at least in the lounge / kitchen, I didn't try the rooms.


Galway has decent bus (coach) connections with other parts of Ireland. Galway airport has some direct flights, but the nearest big airport is Shannon, from where you can get cheap flights to a number of places with Ryanair. Knock is probably also an option.

  • Of course, you can also fly to Ireland's biggest airport in Dublin. From there, you can either ...
  • If you fly to Shannon Airport, your options are again Citylink busses or a rental car. Shannon is much closer to Galway than Dublin, but unfortunately there aren't as many flights, especially in the winter.


Here people can suggest vocabularies and other things to work on. Just put a topic in the list and other people can put their names behind it to indicate interest in that topic.

Vocabularies, etc. I want to to work on[edit]

  • Drupal Core RDF Schema: Stephane. Might be a good use case for Knud's "vocabulary starter pack"?
  • Additional work on the Journey vocab started with tommorris at VoCampOxford2008?
  • Hotel Facilities vocabulary? TomHeath
  • Refinements to the Whisky Ontology? TomHeath
  • Modifications/tidying up the Review vocab TomHeath
  • Lightweight vocab for describing Blue Flag beaches TomHeath
  • Fundraizing vocabulary AlexandrePassant
  • Want-list / Sell-list / trade vocabulary AlexandrePassant
  • Restaurant menu / recipe vocabulary Stéphane Corlosquet
  • Vocabularies for microformats (hCard, hCalendar, hReview, tags, geo etc.) Peter Mika
  • Real Estate (Residential, Commercial, Timeshares, Virtual Property) Corey Leong
  • Call for Papers ontology Andreas Harth
  • Shop vocabulary (location, opening hours, products, staff) Stéphane
  • Collaboration vocabulary - First draft here - Peyman Nasirifard
  • hazCalendar, a simple way to state that a person has certain online calendars (incl. type, etc.) - Michael Hausenblas
  • pushBack, for describing updates of non-Web of Data sites (such as Wikipedia) from RDF stores (align with SPARQL Update?) - Michael Hausenblas
  • hRecipe, aRecipe - Thomas Lörtsch

Безупречный сайт у вас ребята! Нечего и сказать просмотрел от корки до корки.

Tools, etc. I want to learn or teach about[edit]

  • RDF disruptor field Semantics: UldisBojars
  • Neologism: Richard/Stephane
  • BioPortal: Thomas Lörtsch

How Much[edit]

The VoCamp event itself is free, although participants will need to pay for their own travel, accommodation and food. Tea and Coffee were sponsored by Nepomuk. See also VoCampSupporters...




Participants, please list your name and any areas in which you're interested in creating vocabs (note: this is non-binding; it's also fine to list none). NB Only 30 places available this time, first come first served! thanh lap cong ty thanh lap cty thành lập công ty thanh lap doanh nghiep thành lập doanh nghiệp dang ky kinh doanh dich vu ke toan dịch vụ kế toán bao cao thue nha khoa

  1. Knud: desktop data, events, SW starter kit vocabulary mashup, widgets.
  2. TomHeath: will be there, working on any of the topics I didn't get to look at at VoCampOxford2008, plus some tidying up of the Review Vocabulary (plus see my entry in the Topics... section of this page)
  3. Alexandre Passant
  4. Stéphane Corlosquet: Neologism and Drupal Core RDF Schema
  5. Jun Zhao
  6. Michael Hausenblas: discovery, provenance, trust, multimedia, social, interaction
  7. Haklae Kim
  8. Ian Davis: carry on with evidence vocab, pick up some new stuff
  9. UldisBojars
  10. SiegfriedHandschuh
  11. TudorGroza
  12. AxelPolleres Vocabs for ExpertFinding [1], Tools (Drupal, Neologism), Querying and Vocab mapping (RIF,SPARQL)
  13. Keith Alexander Consumer -> Consumable relationships, evidence, Knud's vocab starter pack
  14. RichardCyganiak Tasks and TODOs; navigation vocabularies for linked data (paging, property value lists, search results); Neologism
  15. Peter Mika: interested in vocabularies for microformats (vCard, vCalendar, review, resume etc.) and would like to discuss if we could set up an ontology hosting facility
  16. Harry Halpin: also interested in vocabulary hosting and microformats.
  17. Corey Leong: RDF and OWL for Real Estate Industry
  18. John Breslin
  19. Walter C. Kammergruber
  20. sterling silver hoop earrings
  21. topaz earrings
  22. Smitashree choudhury
  23. Andreas Harth
  24. Thomas Lörtsch: hRecipe microformat, mapping thereof to RDF ("aRecipe"), and an ontology mapping service
  25. Muhammad Aftab Iqbal
  26. Fabrizio Orlandi
  27. Peyman Nasirifard
  28. Pradeep Varma D.

Standby List[edit]

When the list above gets full, add your name here if you want to be on the standby list in case places become free:

  1. ...

... (increase as needed)

Would like to, but can't[edit]

  1. Ben O'Steen: Looks like it will be too tight after another conference (sun-pasig@Baltimore)
  2. Milan Stankovic: exam scheduled for Tuesday :( Do not make the chocolate vocab, save that for me.
  3. HughGlaser Can't make the first day (probably), but might make the second (possibly), but would not want to take the place of someone else, and now can't make the second either.


SW Starter Pack[edit]

Contributors: Knud, Keith Alexander, Ian Davis, Walter Kammergruber

Meeting Minutes[edit]

Contributors: Pradeep Varma D., Fabrizio Orlandi, TomHeath, AxelPolleres

  • Update 23/03/09 : The initial version of MeetingMinutes ontology is hosted at http://smile.deri.ie/ontologies/memo . For updates and changes please refer to the ontology page in future.

Real Estate[edit]

Contributors: Corey Leong

Microformats in RDF[edit]

Contribturos: Peter Mika, Richard Cyganiak, Harry Halpin, Thomas Lörtsch, Michael Hausenblas


Contributors: Hak Lae Kim, Walter Kammergruber

Call Vocabulary[edit]

Cut down on duplicate emails with CfPs, but the vocab itself is generic now: can be used for all kind of calls (tenders, actions, arms :) and announcements that solicit action.

Vocab namespace at http://sw.deri.org/2005/08/conf/cfp

Demo RSS feed of DBworld Call for Papers at http://sw.deri.org/~aharth/2005/08/dbworld/feed.rdf (service will go live soon)

Contributors: Andreas Harth, Alexandre Passant

RDFa in Drupal[edit]

Contributors: Stéphane Corlosquet, Peter Mika, Thomas Lörtsch, Knud Moeller, Uldis Bojars

Vocabulary of Interlinked Datasets (voiD)[edit]

Contributors: Michael Hausenblas, Keith Alexander, Richard Cyganiak

Review Vocabulary[edit]

Participants: TomHeath, DannyAyers, Andreas Harth

A number of enhancements were made to the Review Vocabulary, including an agreement to converge on the namespace uri http://purl.org/stuff/rev# . The enhancements to the vocabulary will be published at the location behind this PURL shortly.

Earworms Vocabulary[edit]

Contributors: Tom Heath

Some initials classes and properties for an Earworms vocabulary were created. See: http://open.vocab.org/terms/Earworm

A List of Popular Ontologies[edit]

Contributors: Harry Halpin and everybody

  • We voted on some categories and popular/important vocabularies to put on the main page of SemanticWeb.org. Result in the sidebar here: http://semanticweb.org

Neologism Development[edit]

Contributors: Stéphane Corlosquet, Richard Cyganiak

  • We did a usability review of the RDFS editor Neologism (which is currently in alpha), and noted a number of issues for future improvement, see list at Google Code

Vocabify vocabulary bootstrapper[edit]

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