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After SXSW

Saturday March 28 and Sunday March 29


The following are outline timings for the event which are unlikely to change. Apart from these timings, exactly how we spend the time will largely be determined during the event.

Liz Pruszko, a Project Manager at Phase2 Technology, will be here and leading a session of where Drupal is with Semantic Web and going with RDFa on Saturday March 28 at 2:00pm. Phase2 developed the Open Calais plugin for Drupal, therefore we will also have a hands-on session of using Drupal and Open Calais to create Linked Data! Liz will be doing a live demo using the "demo" of OpenPublish. As for hands-on, if anyone might be interested in setting up a Drupal site/instance for themselves, they could download and setup OpenPublish in advance and mirror what she does in the demo.


#vocamp on Freenode

Saturday March 28

  • 10:00am Arrivals and Coffee. (Please bring donations for the coffee machine!)
  • 10:30am Start, Introductions, How to Create Vocabularies, Linked Data intro, Knoodl presentation
  • 12:30pm Lunch
  • 2:00pm Start creating vocabularies and Semantic Web/Open Calais/Drupal session
  • 5:00pm Wrap up and Happy Hour

Sunday March 29

  • 10:00am Arrivals and Coffee. (Please bring donations for the coffee machine!)
  • 10:30am Continue working on vocabularies, developing Linked Data applications
  • 12:30pm Lunch
  • 2:00pm Continue hacking
  • 5:00pm Wrap up

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Meetup Ontology: work in progress to extend with another meetup ontology that exists

Remixed Fiction

Migrant and Displaced Population Ontology: work in progress

National Register of Historic Places Ontology: to be published soon


Conjunctured 1309 E. 7th St., Austin, TX‎ map




Participants, please list your name and any areas in which you're interested in creating vocabs (note: this is non-binding; it's also fine to list none).

  1. JuanSequeda: Meetup vocabulary, Displaced and Migrant population ontology
  2. John De Oliveira: human actions, people, industries, products
  3. Kevin Gupton
  4. Paul Arellanes, IBM, information architect. interested in Linked Data for enterprise apps. Tools for creating linked data. Querying/mining the data.
  5. Christopher St. John : National Register sites
  6. Steven Harms: Day Gig: Collaboration Engineer at Cisco; Night and Weekends: Classicist Ruby Programmer and Semantically-minded guy
  7. Ross Bates : Linked Data for enterprise apps
  8. Marcus Irven: Minggl
  9. Dustin Currie: Interested in seeing how vocabs are implemented, not just theory. @dustincurrie
  10. Andy Hickl: Swingly and Language Computer Corporation
  11. Jeremy Bensley: Language Computer Corporation
  12. Toby Jungen: Language Computer Corporation
  13. Terry Brown: Chief Arachnid at Green Spider Design; Linked Data for Drupal
  14. Rich Vázquez
  15. Dan Pattyn
  16. Lauren Nicole Roth
  17. Michael Witbrock
  18. Daniel Miranker
  19. Bob Sawey: Orbik
  20. Ryan Oles
  21. Tom McCracken: LevelTen
  22. Sarma Vempati
  23. Chris Rowe: CTO at Open Learning Exchange
  24. Andy Mills
  25. Erik Summerfield
  26. Roger Nasr
  27. Charlotte-Anne Lucas
  28. Bill Waldrop

---- maximum 30 places available. please use the standby list below if this list is full ----

Annoyed at the Bugs in Media Wiki Installation

  1. Michael Witbrock, who couldn't add anything but his name without a php warning and a failed update.
  2. Lauren Roth, I keep trying to add information and the updates fail. Boo!

Standby List

When the list above gets full, add your name here if you want to be on the standby list in case places become free:

  1. ...

... (increase as needed)

Disappointed that they can't go

  1. Larry Lefkowitz
  2. Cindy Sue Causey
  3. Lee Raney Koine Media drupal developers @leeraney