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We discussed TomHeath's ideas around a vocabulary describing whiskies, their distilleries, brands and regions. The basics were straightforward but very quickly we got into modelling difficulties around the level of detail we needed to go into.

As one example a whisky is aged in a barrel that contributes to its unique flavour. The contributing factors are the type of wood that the barrel is made from and the prior content of the barrel. For example some whiskies are aged in oak barrels previously used for sherry. But a barrel can be used several times so it may have a long history of different contents. We chose to model this very simply with a "Cask" class with material and previous contents properties. This does not allow us to model whiskies that are aged with oak chips in a steel barrel!

The resulting vocabulary is published here: http://vocab.org/whisky/terms.rdf

Some sample instance data is here: http://vocab.org/whisky/data.rdf

Vocabulary viewed via a vocabulary diagrammer http://www.cems.uwe.ac.uk/xmlwiki/Vocab/view.xq?rdf=http://vocab.org/whisky/terms.rdf