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Oscar Corcho is an Associate Professor at Departamento de Inteligencia Artificial) Facultad de Informática , Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Artificial Intelligence Department, School of Computer Science, UPM), and he belongs to the Ontology Engineering Group. His research activities are focused on Semantic e-Science and Real World Internet, although he also makes research in the more general areas of Semantic Web and Ontological Engineering. In these areas, he has participated in a number of EU projects (SemsorGrid4Env, ADMIRE, OntoGrid, Esperonto, Knowledge Web and OntoWeb), and Spanish R&D projects (CENITS mIO! and Buscamedia, GeoBuddies), and has also participated in privately-funded projects like ICPS (International Classification of Patient Safety), funded by the World Health Organisation, and HALO, funded by Vulcan Inc.