UDO (Unified Discourse Ontology)

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The Unified Discourse Ontology aims to represent:

  • the different types of citations between a citing paper and a cited paper, such as agreement or disagreement
  • the types of research data and their relationship mentioned in a research publication (e.g., proteinA interactsWith proteinB), in order to enable a link across multiple papers or to provide an evidence for a claim/conclusion given in a publication. This could be achieved either using tags or ontological concepts from an established ontology, such as OBO.
  • ...

The UDO is based on the following existing vocabularies:

Contributors of the ontology:

In the foreseeable future, we aim to collaborate with the HCLS SWAN+SIOC effort in order to reach a consensus of the diverse interests and efforts.

The ontology can be found at: http://udont.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/udont.owl