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Scale Vocab.[edit]

There appears to be a need for a vocab. that allows a spec. for the publication and consumption of a discretised view of data.

Sometimes the data will be aggregated to do this (geo or temporal, for example), and sometimes already at the same scale (URI equivalence for example).


Example Scales[edit]


  • None
  • One
  • A few
  • Some
  • Lots
  • Oodles

Shipping Forecast Time[edit]

  • Now
  • Imminent
  • Soon
  • Later

Times Past[edit]

  • Yesterday
  • Last week
  • Last month
  • Last year
  • Last century
  • Last Millenium

Equivalence for[edit]

  • owl:sameAs
  • skos:exactMatch
  • skos:closeMatch
  • dbpprop:redirect
  • dbpedia-owl:wikiPageRedirects


Could be in terms of Spacial, Travelling time (including mode of transport), or Number of results

  • Here
  • Nearest
  • Near
  • Close

The Big Picture[edit]

Photo of the Flipchart:


It may be useful to include a request for the null result, for engineering reasons - who knows?

The things like "one" and "nearest" are slightly different from the others, but clearly useful.

People at the Session[edit]