Geographic Feature Type Ontology

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Some Core Notions[edit]

  • Focus on Human-Geo-Space
  • Granularity is key
  • extent versus dimensionality
  • The ontology should be a mid-level ontology
  • particular types of geometry make only sense if they match particular relations on the semantic level, e.g., containers/containment
  • affordance-based classification versus property-based, e.g., navigable versus manmade
  • examples, e.g., nations versus countries in ADL compared to TGN
  • ADL, freebase, dbpedia, geonames, TGN,....
  • map between existing geo-ontologies (e.g., matching, aligning, similarity, sameAs,...)

Top-level splits in ADL[edit]

  • natural
  • manmade
    • social
      • political,...
    • artifacts

Top-level splits in GeoNames[edit]