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Draft ontology


Notes and Competency Questions

What are the competencies of a person who has taken a particular course?

I can do ..... I know about ..... I know how to use ...... I have used these teaching techniques ....... I have created these kinds of things......

What are the technologies used in a particular course?

What are the technologies taught in a particular course?

In what ways is a CourseRealization presented? What books are read in a particular course?

What Competencies does this Course give? ... this CourseRealization give? ... this Assignment give?



StudentProduct -- isFor Assignment -- demonstrates Competency

What assignments are required in a particular course (Realization)? Assignment

What are sub-components of a particular course?[edit]

Who is responsible for a particular course?

What department is the person responsible for a course in?

Who contributes to teaching a particular course?

Who is a student in a particular course?

When did a particular course take place?

What are the prerequisites for a particular Course?[edit]

Patterns AgentRole Situation

  • What courses exist for a particular course?
  • What department is responsible for a particular course?
  • What institution is responsible for a particular department?
  • Where is a department, institution, etc. located?



What CourseRealizations attempt to teach about Medieval Literature? What CRs attempt to teach skill with using Wordpress? What CRs attempt to teach how to use a audio recorder?

What competencies should my CR realize? (Course competencies) Do my assignments cover all the competencies for the course?


What competencies does my CR realize? (Course competencies) What does my prof. think I should be learning in this class?

What did I do with the past four years, anyway?

Employers/Grad School

Who knows how to use Wordpress?

Who has studied the ideas (insert famous journalist ) Who has worked with an electron microscope? Who has done field work? Who has studied Deconstructionism Who has studied Canterbury Tales?

Sample K-12 Ontologies[edit]

Here is a link to a site that has a sample ontology for the K-12 education domain.

This case study examines the extension of the National Information Exchange Model NIEM to include K-12 education metadata. NIEM’s compliance with ISO/IEC 11179 metadata standards was found to be critical for cost-effective system interoperability. This study indicates that extending the NIEM can be compatible with RDF and OWL metadata standards.

Ontology for K-12 Education