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RAC audit lawyer

A RAC is a private company that is hired by a government to audit or review Medicare payments. These companies get paid for being able to identify either a Medicare underpayment or overpayment. However, in the occasion that the RAC findings are reversed by a court appeal, then the company will not receive its working fee. For this reason RAC audits try as much as possible to be accurate in their findings than Medicare audits. Although, the impact of a RAC audit may not as much as that of a Medicare Audit Defense, a medical profession or institution might find itself in need of a RAC Audit Lawyer to help through the audits. To be on the safer side, you as a medical personnel need to properly prepare your billing and documentation. RACs believe that if any billing or documentation is not done then it was altogether never done. However this is not the law.

To avoid any of the RAC audits that may require you to appeal, then ensure that you are aware of any policies that you have to comply with and ensure that you work within the policies. In the occasion that an RAC audit determines that you owe the government money then you will need to contact a RAC audit lawyer. The lawyer will help you appeal the RAC audit findings. For your defense you may need to part with over $25000 or more but considering the amount of money you may have to pay back if an audit findings are determined as correct then this cost might be just a fraction. However, if your audit is not as complex you may run your own appeal. At times, when a case is very complex, then it may take a number of stages, then you may consider hiring a RAC audit lawyer to take you through the stages that need a person with appeal expertise to ensure that you benefit from the case.