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Learn how to generate homemade spokesmans along with plastic cups.

Speaker cones perform to direct the seem emerging from a speaker into a specific course. Directed sound remains much louder also crisper than undirected tone. Using this essential principle of electronic projection, you can produce your own speakers using any few plastic cups and other household products. The plastic cups will work as spokesman cones, directing the seem projecting from tiny headphones or ear buds into a specific course with increased volume and clarity.

Difficulty: Average


things you'll need:

4 plastic cups Knife Headphones or ear buds Adhesive tape 4 pins

2 Put in some headphone or ear bud in each triangle. If you look down into the cup, you should see the small speaker positioned in the center of the cup's base.

4 Change another cup upside down on your work area. Turn single of your speaker cups on its side also lay down it on the base of the upturned cup.

6 Location your cup assists side via side, aiming your homemade speaker cones in the direction you would like the sound to project. You might desire to label unique speaker "Remaining" and the additional "Suitable" to preserve the stereo sound experience.

Tips & Warnings

Attempt to retain every headphone because solidly attached as possible to each cup. If the headphone is rattling in place, very much of the sound energy will not be directed into the cup. Frequently exercise the proper precautions when working with knives. Failure to do so can lead to serious injury.


YouTube: How to Generate Plastic Cup Speakers


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Picture Credit: party picnic plus celebration disposable red plastic cups image from Steve Johnson away from internet site ;

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