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To many aspiring writers, the Web is the first place to seek publication. The millions of websites online make taking published in various kind easier than the traditional pitch to some print publisher. Any type of writing can be published online, nonetheless there are several places to seek publication depending on the genre.

Difficulty: Average


1 Look with sites that post fiction, and submit your stories. Don't expect spend for fiction, though make sure you get some byline with your name or pen name that will dwell with your story. Fork out attention to what rights you are giving up from letting the site publish your story or poem.

2 Target your nonfiction items to websites that cover the niche info as your document. Test the site and watch if it offers any payment for freelance contributions.

3 Try paper SEO nonfiction tailored to exact keywords in order to interest further internet site. Write the content with an eye to the keyword density (the quantity of times the specialized words are employed with the text). Pitch your content by means of mentioning its SEO value.

5 Use content sites to develop your portfolio, plus next make use of it because a launch pad to query print publishers.

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Kim Marie Nov 29, 2007 I'm all the same education and mastering SEO. I consider once I do the floodgates will open and opportunities will existing themselves. With the mean time, I preserve writing. Thank you!